Siwa, the most inaccessible of all Egypt's oases until very recently, is also one of the most fascinating oases. On the edge of the Great Sand Sea, its rich history includes a visit from Alexander the Great to consult the Oracle of Amun in 331 B.C.  

Siwans have their culture and customs and they even speak a language of their own, Siwi, rather than Arabic. Many women still wear traditional costumes and silver jewelry like those displayed in The Traditional Siwan House museum in the town center. Siwa remains one of the best places to buy jewelry, rugs, baskets, traditional robes and headdresses decorated with antique coins.

The area has a nice climate, chilly in winter, hot in the summer and moderate in the spring and autumn. The area is famous for its dates and olives, and is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Egypt. The area is also famous for its springs, of which there are approximately 1,000. The water is sweet, and is said to have medical properties.