Noweiba can be divided into three main sections and runs for some ways along the beach. The three areas consist of the port of Noweiba which has become fairly busy these days, Noweiba City which has a bazaar and tourist shops, and Tarabin which is the real party area of the area.

All along the Sinai coast you will find good scuba diving, and Noweiba is no exception. This town lies about 57 miles north of Sharm El-Sheikh, and consists of the Muzeina Bedouin fishing village to the south and the Tarabiin Bedouin and tourist villages to the north. They are separated by an 18th century Turkish citadel. Besides the diving, you will also find camel and jeep adventurers. The Colored Canyon is nearby, and a little beyond is the oasis of Ain el-Furtaga.  

Be sure to take the road between Noweiba and Taba if you like beautiful scenery. Noweiba also has a daily ferry service to the Jordanian port of Aqaba.